Monday, February 2, 2009

Sometimes you just go with your gut...

I woke up a little bit later than usual this morning, then had to hurry downstairs to wake up the smoochster and get her ready to go to her grandmas for the day. She wanted to sleep in after her Superbowl festivities at her other grandma's the night before, but I got her dressed and out the door with her mom with enough time left over to eat a bowl of oatmeal and stock up on coffee before heading out the door myself.

I attended the morning S.I. session before the A&P lecture, then we had the lecture and a quiz on cardiac blood flow (I think I got an A). About half-way through class I decided that after the class was over I was going to randomly, without preparation, walk into the ASC and take the dreaded math placement exam.

To truly appreciate the gravity of this move you must understand that I've been worried about taking this thing since I made decision to go back to school almost a year ago. I spent a lot of time brushing up on my algebra skills over the summer as to be able to pass the exam with a high enough score to get into the class that I require the credits from to satisfy my prereq's. But when the semester started last fall, I stopped all preparations in order to concentrate on the work that was coming from my enrolled classes. Anyway, I marched in there and took the test... totally on a whim... and I passed with a score higher than I needed. Hooray!

After that I went and ate a celebratory lunch, then headed to the gym and got a good work out in, before returning home for a quick dinner then back to school for Med. Law and Ethics. During the lecture break I made some business calls and booked three tuning appointments.

Today was pretty productive.

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