Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blizzards, beef hearts, and band uniforms...

I woke up early with a cold this morning. It sucks. I've been popping Dayquil and Zicam all day. I then helped my wife get my daughter ready for daycare and got them out the door. I then downed some coffee and headed for school. It was snowing quite a bit, and a drive that normally takes me 19 minutes took me a frustrating 45.

I get to my A&P lecture about 15 minutes late. I tried to pay as much attention to the lecture as possible but as my first exam for the semester was in the lab after the class, it wasn't easy.

After the lecture I took the exam, it was on blood. I think I did pretty well, I mean I know I passed - I just hope I got an A. I spent a lot of time studying and would be pretty disappointed if I didn't.

After the test we had the lab on heart anatomy. We played with models and I walked my table through the humongous heart model explaining it the best that I could, they were quite appreciative. I then dissected a preserved cow heart as my lab partners watched. It was deformed and weird, not really easy to identify the structures at all, but it was still pretty cool.

After lab I grabbed some quick lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on that side of town then headed back to the campus for Micro.

I walked into class, headed up to the front and collected the corrected assignment from last week. I turned around, and it took every once of willpower to not fall over laughing. There in front of me was one of my Micro class members, a middle aged, short, pudgy lady, wearing what appeared to be a full-on, bright blue, gold embroidered, military-style, marching band uniform. Everything except for the hat. It was one of the most absurd sights I've seen at the college and I was completely confused and caught off guard. I badly wanted to ask her where her tuba was...

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