Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new day of school with a new president in the oval office...

Today I woke up extra early and went to the pre-lecture supplemental instruction session for my AP class. I had really hoped that were going to have a quiz once lecture started as I had stayed up studying (memorizing blood values) pretty late the night before. No quiz was administered... but I found out that I didn't do nearly as bad as I had believed on the prior weeks quiz. Yippie!

After class there was no lab today (Yeah! Thanks MLK!!!) as it would have put us ahead of the Monday lab section. So instead I attended the post-lecture S.I. session which was basically a review for next week's exam.

Came home, ate lunch, restocked my coffee tumbler, then back to school for Micro.

Micro was great. For a 3 hour lecture it seems to go by pretty quick. There was a group activity at the end. We had to read a case study and then do a worksheet pertaining to it. I ended up basically taking over the group and patiently dictating all the answers, until I just took the paper and filled it out as I was losing my patience in trying to explain to my relatively intellectually plebeian group members my logic. Nothing against them, they seemed nice, I think they were all just tired, or suffering from CO poisoning, or something. They all commented how lucky they were to have me in their group for the semester because I was so "analytical". I tried to explain that from my understanding the groups weren't permanent, but they didn't want to listen, or maybe their carbon monoxide poisoning was really kicking in...

Anyway, I survived another day. But really I like going to school, it gives me hope that someday I won't need to involuntarily participate in my current vocation - like I must tomorrow. I love pianos and all, but owning and operating a business in my opinion just plain sucks. It is a 24/7, all consuming activity. There are good points, but I'm just burned out from it. I can't wait to be able to put on scrubs and help people breathe, earn a livable wage in the process, and then go home at the end of the day. :)

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RT Scribe said...

Carbon monoxide poisoning. That must be it! Now I know what's wrong with some of my classmates.