Monday, January 12, 2009

And so it begins again...

Well, the first day of the semester is over. It was a rough one. Mostly because I've barely slept over the past 72 hours as I've been slaving (almost non-stop for the past 12 days) over the final restoration on a 1916 Mason & Hamlin grand piano that is supposed to be delivered from my shop back to it's owner tomorrow (if there isn't a blizzard!)

This morning I trudged out into the freezing, bitter, cold to attend my first A&P II lecture. It was cool, the teacher seems very organized, knows what he is talking about and got right down to business. About 60 people in the class as of now, we'll see how many there are 4 weeks from now. The people in this class seem a bit more competitive than in A&P I. No matter, I will assert my ninjaesque intellectual dominance. :-P

After lunch I went to the shop for a few hours to work on that piano some more, then went back to school for round 2 after stopping for dinner.

Medical Law and Ethics was seriously no joke. That lady is not kidding around. I was kind of hoping it would be a little lighter of a work load than it appears it is going to be. Several presentations and written papers are assigned throughout the course. Everybody in the class seems pretty focused. Maybe 35 people all together, about 5 of them are Pre-PA students, 5 are RT, the balance are Surg Tech and Nursing students and couple Sonography/misc. After the instructor explained the syllabus and assigned a mini-presentation due the next class, she showed a relatively brutal video recorded back in the mid-70's about a guy who had received 3rd degree burns over 68% of his body and subsequently wanted to die, but it was before a patient had the right to refuse treatment and they kept him alive in horrible agony against his wishes. Just what I needed to wind down after a hard day at school and work. ;-)

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