Monday, January 26, 2009

Drip, drip, drip...

A great martial arts master once said, or was it a fortune cookie from Wing-on Chinese Palace? Umm... well, one of them said..."Many raindrops break stone." So one more day down, another day closer to my goal.

I had A&P this morning. New lecture topic. My test on the last section (Blood) isn't until Wednesday, I've been studying for it quite a bit.

"Curse you gazillions of numerical blood statistics!" the Tengu shouted as he shook his fist angrily at the darkened and cloud obscured heavens.

Today we started the heart and blood flow. I was excited to find out that we get to dissect a beef heart! SUPER KEWL!

I enjoyed the lecture, stayed for the SI session which I dominated, then went home for lunch. After lunch, I hit the gym, worked out like a good mountain demon, went home, took a shower, ate dinner, then back to school for Med Law & Ethics.

The lecture was O.K., but I tried to stay as involved in class discussions as possible which seems to help the time go by faster. I think the beta-alanine/caffeine stack I take before lifting weights makes me more talkative than usual. I ended up getting quite a few laughs out of the teacher, and basically kept the class mildly entertained with my "insightful banter". Everyone had to give a short presentation on a disease we were assigned at the last class, I gave mine on glaucoma. It went fine. We also divided up into groups to do our 2 bigger projects that are due later in the semester, my group seems cognizant enough.

Drove home in the slippery snow. Man, I got a lot of reading to do... but not tonight, I'm done for tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I had to dissect a sheep heart, but my sheep was from McDonalds or something and the heart was encased in an enormous layer of fat.

So it goes. On reflection that was probably more instructional than I realized at the time.