Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Then Tengu emerges from Round 2 unscathed!

The mysterious semi-retired ninja and renown piano tuner known across the interweb as "The Tengu" has survived his second semester of fulfilling the supportive coursework required to apply for respiratory therapy school. It is as of yet unconfirmed, but the word on the street is that he has once again achieved, for the second semester in a row, the distinction of a 4.0 GPA and will be listed (via an alias) upon the prestigious Dean's List.

The Tengu was reported as saying that he was glad that the semester was over and that he will enjoy his summer vacation... all 6 days of it.

He then went into a ninja fury and chopped off the arms and legs of a nearby pirate before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Very little Faith...in group project partners.

So I wake up this morning from my Easter-chocolate induced sugar coma to the realization that I have a group project due this evening in Medical Law & Ethics. It is on the landmark legal cases of "Baby Doe & Baby Jane Doe", basically the right of born-alive infants to receive treatment.

The group decided that we would do a PowerPoint and everyone would be responsible for putting together slides for one particular aspect of the case and we would combine them into a presentation.

I did my PowerPoint slides on the case summaries, roughly 16 slides.
My next partner that did hers on the ethical dilemma, about 12 slides.
The final loser partner that I knew was going to blow it, submitted an editorial-like word doc that we were barely able to distill 2 coherent slides from.

There's always one loser-moron-slacker in every fraking group.

I pray that it is never me.

Got to run to the morning S.I. session for A&P. Peace be with you on this day my Internet brethren.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Still truckin' mother trucker...

25 days left of this semester.

It's been a while since I last posted an update, I've been super busy playing a proverbial game of "Life and School Wack-A-Mole" I just didn't have a sec until now.

A lot has transpired recently, I've conquered the big projects, presentations and papers in Micro and Medical Law, tackled big exams in everything - and thus far still clockin' all A's. Although I took some rather nasty exams yesterday whose results remain to be seen.

Other tidbits...
  • The shop (aka piano dungeon) is inching closer to its final demise - I can't wait to be out from under that beast! I'm nearing the end of my final piano rebuilding project - the project I've affectionately nicknamed the dreaded "Devil's Rectum" piano. I installed the last of the strings today, now I need to figure out how to make it play...
  • I'm all registered for next semester and I'm once again locking horns with the inept boobs at the financial aid office.
Umm... I guess that's going to have to be it for now, I have to head to the gym for some self-induced torture before picking up the Smoochster from daycare.