Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think I can see the finish line in the distance, oops that's just a rest area...

Well this school week is cut short due to the "Turkey Day" festivities. I have once again managed to continue my unbroken streak of "A's" for the semester, of which there are less than 3 weeks left.

I stayed up until 2am this morning in order to accidentally over-study for today's AP quiz on the CNS by about half a chapter. Oh well, it won't hurt in the long run I guess.

My final homework project in Medical Terminology is due on Monday. We are supposed to do the same thing as last time, find a medical journal article pertaining to our field of interest, then define a bunch of terms from it. I found the article online today, but will have to wait to print it out until tomorrow as my blasted printer has run out of ink.

Also, the "Group Project" for Medical Terminology is due in two weeks. I was forced to take the reigns of the group, and subsequently I need to get cracking on the project to ensure it's completion. If anything will blow my "A" streak, it will be having to rely on these guys. Well, I definitely hope this is not the case.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of the cardinal rules...

This week I took an Anatomy lab exam on the skeletal muscles. I studied pretty hard for this one (as usual) and ended up getting an A. But, I could have done even better if I wouldn't have broken one of my cardinal rules... "Never change an answer once it is written." I did, and I switched two answers thinking to myself, "I shouldn't be doing this." Well turns out in that regard that I was right. I had it correct originally! I should have stuck to my guns.

I guess I shouldn't beat myself up too bad seeing that I still got an A. But still...