Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'll take "More of the same" for $500 Alex.

I pre-registered for my Summer semester classes yesterday. I'm taking the required algebra class as a full 15 week course, and the required political science and comp courses as back-to-back eight weekers. I also went and turned in the request for summer financial aid to some greasy and uninformed young fellow at the financial aid office - let the nightmare of dealing with those incompetent boobs commence!

After the summer semester I will have 1 class left to take (chemistry) before having completed all of my pre-reqs. Then assuming (dangerously) that I get into the RT program, I'll have 2 semesters of downtime that I have yet to determine what with I'm going to do, one option is to enroll at a 4 year (either University of Detroit Mercy or Sienna Heights University - are where I'm looking at this point) and try to work on my Bachelors. Then again, my wife is pushing this new baby concept...

Anyway, yesterday I had a quiz in medical ethics, I got an A. Then we had a lecture that was given by the lead prosecutor from Oakland county. He was the cat that tried Jack Kevorkian. He mostly talked about the use of forensic science in murder cases that he had tried, including some pretty graphic visual aids. This was followed by a "Jeapordy" style review session for the brutal midterm in a couple of weeks (Oh, and we have two ethics papers due that same day!) after we return from mid-winter break (Yippie!).

Today I am almost exclusively studying for the cardiovascular lecture exam in A&P and the microbiology quiz on viruses, both of which are tomorrow.

I can't wait to belly up to the bar for a beer tomorrow night in order to celebrate the completion of those two tests.

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