Sunday, February 22, 2009

No pain, no gain (God this hurts sometimes)...

The march continues. This long-ass, dreary, frozen-toed march with hardly an end in sight.

In the martial arts, sometimes you just train through the pain; this is comparable to my mindset (or lack there of) in terms of my schooling at the present moment.

I'm tired and I see no end to this leg of the journey. I have serious financial and work responsibilites and time-draining obligations that just seem insurmountable at times, and yet I need to keep my head down and eyes forward, studying hard so that eventually, at some point in the future, these issues won't be as dire as they seem to be right now.

I took the dreaded cardiovascular lab exam in Human Anatomy last week. I studied like a man possessed. As soon as the instructor walked into the lab, I ran up to him and told him I was ready to take it. He told me to hold on a sec as he wasn't ready to give it. A few minutes later I was the first to take the exam out of my section. I got a perfect score. Yay!

I also found out what I received on last weeks miserable attempt at a Microbiology exam. If you remember, I thought that I had done relatively poorly, especially compared to the amount of studying that I had done. Turns out that my reservations were unfounded as I received 125 out of a possible 125 (if you include the extra-credit). Yay!

But my nose is back to the grindstone. I have a Medical Law and Ethics quiz tomorrow night, then on Wednesday I have the giant "oh-so-huge" physiology companion test to the cardiovascular/lymphatic systems in A&P, and a medium-sized quiz on viruses in microbiology later that night.

So let the studying, the endless repetition, the coffee IV drip, commence.

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