Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's raining in my basement...

So I'm sitting here waiting for the plumber. Whenever the shower is engaged in the bathroom, it begins to rain in the basement.

But the real issue is my schedule. I have a quiz on Monday of next week in A&P, later that day I have my first exam for Medical Law and Ethics, then on the following Wednesday I have what is apparently going to be the apocalypse of all exams in Microbiology, and don't get me started on the next week. All the while I am studying I am going to have to manage to squeeze in my other responsibilities like, trying to tune some pianos to bring in some money, do some shop work in order to shore up those jobs so I can shut down my dead-weight of a shop, try to start the logistic nightmare of shutting down my chain-around-the-throat shop, and of course be a father to my daughter and husband to my wife, oh and lets not forget about trying to maintain some level of ninja athleticism (seems silly but it is the bedrock of my discipline). Although at this point going to the dojo is out of the question, so my training remains confined to the realm of traditional strength and endurance.

I think one of the keys to maintaining a semblance of sanity over the course of the next few weeks is realizing that I can really only concentrate fully on one thing at a time and that worrying about other concerns is just going to rob my concentration of valuable resources.

Breath deep.

Where is the fracking plumber? I need to be out of here to tune a piano across town by noon!

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