Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mona is hilarious...

It's 60 degrees in Detroit today. A new record high temperature for today's date.

I've spent most of the day up to this point studying for tomorrow's exam in microbiology. (Although, right now, I'm waiting in my car a block away from a client's home as I'm a bit too early for our piano tuning appointment.)

Anyway, last night I took my first quiz in Medical Law and Ethics and it was a piece of cake. After the lecture, two students that enrolled in the class late had to catch-up to the rest of us and give their oral "disease reports". The second lady to go was an international student from China, with a pretty brutal accent. Her assigned disease was infectious mononucleosis, which instead of shortening to MONO, she kept saying MONA, over and over. Which because of my studying-induced-sleep-deprived-over-caffieinated-prior-two-days I thought was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my life (In reality it wasn't even remotely funny). I was purple faced and crying because I was trying not to fall out of my chair laughing, which just made it worse, plus I knew it wasn't funny which made the situation all the more absurd and even more funny to me. (I really hope no one noticed that I was dying trying to keep it in, I mean I think I did a good job of hiding it - it was just too ridiculous.)

After she finished (and it seemed like an eternity to me), class was done and I barely made it outside before I completely lost it.

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