Monday, March 9, 2009

You call that a break? I'll show you a frakin' break, of your 3rd cervical vertebrae!

Well my break sucked. I worked. I got super sick with a 103 degree fever. Then I worked some more. Then I wrote two ethics papers and studied for a midterm. Thank the fracking Elder Gods whose names can not be spoken that my "break" is over and I'm back to making progress here.

I woke up extra early, the first day after daylight savings in order to drag my barely awake butt in front of my computer so I could officially register for my summer semester classes. Government, Comp II, and Algebra.

The system crashed right after I logged on.
It should have taken me 1 minute,
it took 53.

I went back to class this morning. Attended the S.I. session for A&P before lecture, just to get the gears turning. The usual mind grease of coffee wasn't working very well, but I survived without lapsing into a coma.

Then I ate lunch, went to the gym, worked out, ran 5K, went back home, showered, crammed for my Med Law and Ethics midterm like a possessed monk, then ate dinner, went back to school, turned in my papers and took the fraking test on which I think I got an A but won't know until next week.

Whew! Now it is time to begin the descent into Microbiology madness as I spend all my free time from now until Wednesday 3pm when I have another mother fraking test in that class. Plus there are pianos to tune, taxes to do...

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